• Je reprend des activités ^^

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  • ME: Yeah, well, it's a pilllow composed of a dreamcatcher.

    S: That really interesting ! We can see that the dreamcatcher is important for the invention. Did pillow  have other capacity ?

    ME: Yes of course it can play different melody according to the moods such as sad, scare, sweet, soft and also lovely. For example to choose the melody of love you draw with your hand  a heart. 

    S: Oh that amazing ! You are really great.

    ME: Thank you, but when we weak up in the middle of the dream  the dreamcacher does not record the next part.

    S: It does not matter because there are many advantages but I frogot one thing, i'am sure that everybody wonders how can you we see again our dream

    ME:oh sorry i frogot the mean point. We can see it thanks to a usb cable. It can connect the pillow to the computer.

    S: That really usefull. Thank you very much to share the time with us.

    ME: you welcom it was a pleasure.

    S: And now

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